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Not Everything is a Blog - Oh, the Irony of this Post

by Sharon J. Wishnow

Yesterday, I returned to my writing roots and back to in-person teaching. Yes, in front of real people with visible body gestures, back and forth natural dialogue and creativity. I was energized.

I am energized.

I'm teaching my 2nd class at a local Fairfax County Public Library (read my short story inspired by the library!) in conjunction with George Mason University, where I earned my MFA in creative nonfiction writing.

I'm out of practice with groups or maybe just people in general. Not to fear, a fantastic group of students came to this first class each with their own experiences and interest in writing.

As they read their first warm-up writing assignment, to write a piece about their name, I was wonderfully reminded about the power of non-fiction and how it inspires story. Listening to the students engage (they were all strangers) and then expand on their personal ideas and potential writing - BAM - that's it for me. The power of story to connect.

As a writer, I've been disheartened recently about our world on fire. What does one write that isn't fueled by anger or negativity? What should be committed to paper, launched into the world, and will it matter?

Seems I may have it wrong. For the next three weeks, my writing job is to listen, and to be reminded of the connection words are to personal worlds. Authentic discourse matters. Capturing our personal histories, developing our writing voices, and learning to communicate is good energy and that leads to good writing.

A few spaces in class are available if you're in the area and want to join in.

Sharon J. Wishnow -
Entrepreneur, Speaker & Author
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