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I Can't Wait to Share This

I've been working on a new project that speaks to everything I love, research and writing. In the next month, I'll be launching Research for Writers and Other Curious People as a newsletter on Substack and a podcast. The podcast, Other Curious People will be co-hosted with Denis Jose Francois.

This project will provide research tips, advice, and ideas for creatives who want to build authentic characters, worlds, settings, and include details in both fiction and non-fiction writing. The newsletter will feature interesting interviews and advice. The podcast will bring people to life.

If you're not a writer or creative, and fall into the Other Curious People category, I hope you'll find bits of trivia, stories, and information to liven up you next coffee date, speed dating, uncomfortable elevator ride, and all manner of interactions where you wish you had an ice breaker.

I'm still writing fiction. My next manuscript is in the works, but as research is reason I write, this new project fits right in. Follow Research for Writers on Instagram and connect with me directly on Instagram at SJWishnow.

Have a research question, want to be interviewed, or contribute to the project? Email me at

Sharon J. Wishnow -
Entrepreneur, Speaker & Author
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