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The Frog, Now Partially Covered in Tzatziki Sauce...

Frog in grass

A recent article in the Washington Post, by Michael S. Rosenwald has been the biggest topic of discussion in my house this past week. Instead of a social media joke generated by a meme, Instagram posting, or YouTube video, the phrase, "The frog, now partially covered in tzatziki sauce,..." has sent us into gales of laughter.

The phrase comes from a news story, "Cava apologizes after NW resident discovers live frog in her salad," in the November 18 Sunday paper.

The story, a serious account of the fast casual restaurant, Cava accidentally including a live frog in a customer's salad is a cross between an Onion article and a report. It made a splash on Twitter and was picked up by several news outlets.

Each week, I debate canceling the paper. Aside from the comics, I'm the only one who reads it in its paper version. Yet, without this version, I would have missed this story and its lighthearted, albeit serious reporting.

Props to Rosenwald for not turning this into an evil corporation menacing with our food supply story, and to the metro editor for letting it run.

Around our Cava and frog-free dinner, we discussed how the frog hitched a ride undetected. Theories abound from cold storage stunning the frog like Hans Solo, to the frog just in the wrong pile of fresh greens at the wrong time - package time.

We then discussed what each of us would do if served a live frog. Take a moment to think about that. What would you do to the poor misplaced amphibian?

This three column newspaper article generated more parent-to-teen discussion than I could remember in days. My daughter shared the piece with her friend - which requires that friend to read the entire three columns.

Maybe there's hope for newspapers after all. I'm hopping for it.

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