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Predict Your Own Future

Psychic seen needs an editor

I love this sign. Every day I walk by and laugh. If the psychic really had powers, he or she would have hired a proofreader. Bad printing aside, this psychic is working to build whatever it is that psychics build.

This weekend, one of my writing peeps is at the big Writer's Digest pitch fest in NYC. In the past year, I've gone to two similar events. I'm taking my first steps to build my writing future. I have no idea what I'm doing and that's part of the process.

When I began my non fiction writing career, I had no idea what I was doing either. Twenty-five years later, I'm writing more than ever. I'm still making amazing connections, tackling new subjects, and getting paid.

Fiction is different. I may write every day for the rest of my life and never see publication. I can't predict my future, but I can create my own path. My friend is taking steps to set her own path too. I'm excited to have someone on this journey with me.

Sharon J. Wishnow -
Entrepreneur, Speaker & Author
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