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And the Winner is Me!

"We won an award," Kris Brinker, owner of SPT/True said, her excitement coming through the phone. "That's great," I said.

Kris, in addition to being a good friend is also a client. I've provided content and consulting to her clients for many years. We're a good team. But then she explained that the award was a platinum Hermes creative award for a concept that I developed and wrote. That got my attention.

The project was a series of downloadable information booklets for people seeking information on long-term care needs. I've personally traveled this hard road. My concept was to bring a sense of connection to the audience through two fictional characters, a brother and sister, who are navigating a growing list of medical concerns with their parents.

The content was a blend of story and real-world issues and suggested solutions. SPT/True combined my content with custom illustrations and an accessible and attractive layout. SPT/True's client loved it. It brought a fresh voice to a hard topic. And it seems it was good enough to win an award. I'll take that vote of confidence any day.

#awardwinning #success

Sharon J. Wishnow -
Entrepreneur, Speaker & Author
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