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A Writer is Reborn

Sharon Wishnow Author Card

Words. I've written a lot of words professionally since 1993. My first published article was in the trade journal Quick Frozen Foods International. I had a proud affiliation with the journal and E.W. Williams publications for two decades until the part of the company I wrote for was sold.

Back then, my byline was Sharon J. Wishnow. When I married, I kept my byline as I was a known writer in the industry. As my writing expanded and I had different marketing needs as a business owner, I started to publish under Sharon Ritchey. And if you visit me at, my company, you'll see.

Today Sharon WIshnow is back. I've done some research on the use of pen names. Why people use them and their reasons. I have my own. But I admit, it's both odd and liberating to sign WIshnow again after 21 years. As I take a new writing journey into fiction, I'm proud to channel the little girl I was into the writer I've become.

My hope is for a long and interesting journey that I can share with countless readers along the way.

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Sharon J. Wishnow -
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