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Zero Mile

I have a thing for quirky signs. This one is from the Mount Vernon walking and bike trail in Virginia. This sign was well...a sign.

This sign represent the first steps on the trail (or the end if you are doing it reverse.) It represents the start of a quest. Anything is possible from this point forward. Who knows what you'll find?

Zero Mile was also the working title of my book, now called Walking Without a Compass. Zero miles refers to a day on a hiking trail when a hiker rest or covers zero miles.

I loved the name and chose instead to use it as feature of my story. It is the name of the hiker's lodge central to the plot of the story.

In the book, Zero Mile is the name of a historic hiking lodge on the Appalachian and Long Trails in Vermont.

Let the road, whatever signs it places in front of you, inspire your own writing.

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Sharon J. Wishnow -
Entrepreneur, Speaker & Author
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